Public works

CONCRETA has one the most outstanding teams of engineering professionals in the sector, supported by specialists in various disciplines that are assigned to special projects when circumstances require it for the best focus with regards to safety and performance.

CONCRETA always takes up the challenges presented by particularly complex projects


  • Formworks for channels.
  • Formworks for aqueducts.
  • Formworks for walls:
    • Formworks for one side of walls.
    • Formworks for both sides of walls.
    • Formworks for curving walls.
    • Etc.
  • Formworks for chimneys.
  • Formworks for nuclear plants.
  • Modular equipment for solar panel installation on roofs (including assembly and watertight roof perforations guarantee).
  • Etc.
  • Carriages for clearance measurement:
    • For excavation monitoring.
    • With work platforms for steel reinforcing.
    • Etc.
  • Forming carriages for false tunnels.
  • Formworks for 1st phase pavements.
  • Support systems for bernold steel plate concreting.
  • Forming carriages for resurfacing:
    • Constant sectioning and fixed feeding.
    • Telescopic modules.
    • Self-resistant modules.
    • For vaults.
    • For anti-vaults.
    • For continuous concreting of gables.
    • For concreting of gables by trenching.
    • Etc.
  • Forming carriages for galleries:
    • For rectangular galleries.
    • For service galleries.
    • For evacuation galleries.
    • Etc.


  • Inspection and restoration carriages.
  • Carriages for progressive cantilevers.
  • Formworks for bridge segment “0”.
  • Formworks for incrementally launched bridges.
  • Formworks for prefabricated bridge segments.
  • Forming carriages for cantilevers with composite bridge lateral imposts.
  • Formworks for imposts.
  • Formworks for decks over false-work.
  • Formworks for capitals.
  • Forming carriages for cable-stayed decks.
  • Formworks for piles:
    • Formworks for unusually shaped piles.
    • Formworks for climbing piles.
    • Formworks for rectangular, circular, polygonal piles, etc.


  • Forming carriages for edge beams.
  • Forming carriages for “capping beam” superstructures.
  • Formworks for blocks:
    • Three sided.
    • Flan type.
    • Four sided dismountable.
    • For acropodes.
    • For block bars.
    • For columns.
    • For tetrapodes.
    • Etc.
  • Special pegs:
    • Friction for block movement.
    • For blocks with electricity boxes.
  • Formworks for walls:
    • Single sided.
    • Two sided.
    • For submerged walls.
    • Floating formworks for submerged walls.
  • Formworks for block-builders.
  • Etc.




  • Forming carriages for crowning.
  • Climbing formworks.
  • Formworks for spillways.
  • Etc.



  • Formworks for steel tube casing.
  • Formworks for cement heads for steel tubing.
  • Tube aligners.
  • Carriages of up to 150TN./UD. with lifting and dropping and for shifting sections of tubing.



  • Vibrating slabs.
  • Formworks for:
    • Special or unusual pieces.
    • Galleries.
    • Beams.
    • Box girders.
    • Prison modules.
    • Etc.