Our production capacity, in addition to the latest manufacturing technology and processes, allows us to offer the most competitive prices.

It also makes possible overall early delivery of the product given that we are able to reduce fabrication times of industrial buildings and factories, with delivery of work materials at around eight weeks after the contract has been signed, regardless of the nature or size of the project.

CollaborationWorking methodology

  • Viability analysis and definition of the various required uses of special teams.
    • The viability analysis will detail all of the relevant aspects of the project for it to be carried out efficiently.
    • It will be the principal document of internal use as well as the basis for supply requests and subsequent follow up and monitoring work.

  • Independent Advice in the Management of Purchasing.
  • Once the needs of the specialist teams have been defined, CONCRETA will give the client both the independent assessment and assistance in the management of purchasing (full payment or by installments).

  • Assistance and advice.
    • The Client will be able to rely on CONCRETA’S collaboration and support for the effective application of the special teams as well as assistance in the management and resolution of any problems that might emerge.

  • Phase 1: Viability Analysis and Definition.
    • Project Analysis.
    • Analysis of specific technical requirements:
      • Concreting speed.
      • Effective advance length.
      • Number of reinforcing rods.
      • Number of times used.
      • Sheet metal thicknesses.
      • Vibration Systems.
      • Means of Manipulations.
    • Preparation of Technical Dossier of Invitation to Tender.

  • Phase 2: Purchasing Management.
    • Opening of the Tender.
    • Preliminary evaluation of the proposals received and selection of the finalists.
    • Short-listing of the finalist proposals.
    • Composition of a detailed report for the adjudicating body.
    • Contracting assistance.

  • Phase 3: Project Execution.
    • Assistance with the delivery of the equipment.
    • Assistance with the assembly of the equipment.
    • Assistance with the use of the equipment.
    • Assistance with the resolution of problems.