CONCRETA DESARROLLO, S.L. was founded with the conviction of establishing its leadership within the Spanish market and consolidating itself as a reference in Industrial Construction, in Public Sector Works and in Consulting.

Each of the three divisions is headed by a General Manager and includes a sales and marketing team, customer service personnel and a team of architects and engineers.

The other support departments, such as administration, finance, purchasing, transport, quality control and construction services, are shared between the divisions.

In CONCRETA striving for excellence is a process that never ends. Attention on detail is evident in all of our activities.

Each member of the organization knows that its existence and success is the result of the permanent satisfaction of its clients.

We all take the greatest care to make sure that both the quality and price of our products and services are the best.

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The philosophy which differentiates CONCRETA and which we promote every day is that “all of our Clients should clearly feel the unmistakable sensation of having received personal attention, having felt comfortable, perfectly advised, secure and valued at all times”.

filosofiaOne of the most important values of Concreta is One of the things we value most at CONCRETA is Client loyalty.

Thanks to your satisfaction and without forgetting the respect for commitments, to the mentality of service at all levels and to the constant will to be the best.

Using our experience and professionalism we offer dynamic, rational, functional, rigorous solutions that also reflect your own brand image conferring on the whole a timeless, different aesthetic with character.

Understood in this way, quality becomes a commitment that continues once the work is completed.

The Organization has strengthened itself incorporating and relying on its best asset: a highly accredited team of personnel that is involved in the evaluation and conception of machinery and structures for the said sectors with over of 15 years experience offering constructive solutions and developing them to the manufacturing stage, thereby achieving the objective for which they were designed and conceived.

formacionOn the other hand, CONCRETA also relies on strategic alliances, joint-venture agreements and other forms of external collaboration that permit it to reduce costs, have a greater solutions capacity and achieve maximum profitability through improvements in efficiency and the development of new products.

Respect for the people who make up the Organization is a basic pillar that characterizes us. Personal relations is a priority and our management is very transparent, obtaining a high level of continuity of our personnel and their promotion by means of continuous training and information that makes them genuine professionals with many years of activity in the sector.

CONCRETA aims to provide answers to the needs of the market, developing and expanding products, with levels of quality, service and price that clients will consider excellent.

The objective is to provide solutions to both the simplest and the most emblematic and unusual projects, thereby strongly improving our technical consultancy service.

We are at the forefront of the world’s existing construction solutions and as such we provide innovative, constructive advice that is based on strong technological know-how. By the same token we are also prepared for new regulations that are starting to appear in our country.

This technical assistance to the Client is aimed at obtaining improved features that extend the life of the product.

CONCRETA aspires to be the leader, within its sector, with regards to cost, quality, service and performance, basing this on continual improvement, the creative participation of people and technological innovation.

In the same way orientation towards profitability is vital as a basic premise in decision making, eliminating activities that generate costs and do not add value.

calidadAs one of its company objectives CONCRETA has established as a competitive advantage that the quality of its products be perceived by its clients.

We have the necessary workforce and production installations to comply with the requisites of the principle European and international regulations.

We fortify the strength of the Company and the quality of the relations we manage to establish with our Clients.

iso9001We are different because of our know how and our potential, but more fundamentally because of the quality of our team, its professionalism and enthusiasm, given that in the end what is decisive is that the team create an optimal solution with safety and customer service.

Política de calidad


seguridad2At CONCRETA safety is a term that has been converted into an unquestionable value.

It is synonymous with responsibility and tranquility, something that we want to offer our Clients not as an extra service, but as something intrinsic and inherent to our philosophy.

In CONCRETA our clients have a company they can trust because before anything we are responsible.

garantiaOfficially approved materials, proven construction solutions and full solvency.

Written guarantee, civil responsibility insurance of up to 3.000.000 € and all risk construction insurance taken out with a first class insurance company.

The Customer Service department can be contacted at:

iso14001CONCRETA is sensitive to the promotion of true sustainable development, establishing a demanding policy of environmental management through the rational employment of resources.

We are committed to maximum levels of recycling and the re-use of residuals in the different levels of the Organization.


Our strong points are:

  • Personalized treatment of our clients.
  • Technological innovation, quality of construction and manufacturing, continuous improvementand flexibility.
  • Fixed construction price without surprises subsequent to the awarding.
  • Product system, manufactured to the clients needs without size limitations, pre-designed and conceived as a comprehensive package.
  • Solutions that guarantee the durability of the whole system.
  • Officially approved materials.
  • Punctual delivery.
  • Our aim is not only that you trust the carrying out of your project to us, but to convert you into a partner forever.
  • Our objective is to win your faith, your trust and all of the future projects you might develop in the future.